Statistics show that 96% of cell phones in SA have Internet access.
  • With dCard you are NOW able to reach customers beyond borders. (No more running out of business cards when you need them most).
  • Your information will be permanently on the receivers cell phone.
  • dCard has individual domain names ( that allows your customer to find you on Google on any internet device (Cell, laptop, computer, tablets etc.). Any Internet cellphone can open your dCard and literally any cell in the world can send it (using simple SMS).
  • dCard allows you to give more information than a normal business card e.g.: company logo, name and position, stock, services, pictures, interactive GPS co-ordinates.
  • dCard can be sent via SMS, BBM, WhatsApp, Email, Skype, Viber etc to anybody and its online so you will always have access to it.
  • It can then be updated within a few hours (when changing companies, designation, address etc.) . (This cuts re-printing costs drastically). Thats why we call it your Business Card for life. No more throwing away old business cards because they are outdated.
More than 14000 dcards are already in circulation and have gone Global. Most importantly; its cost effective: there is a once off set up fee and thereafter there is a nominal hosting fee as your domain has to be hosted on our server. This way you will save money in the long term.

  • Your dCards will be exposed on our domain directory along with the rest of our clients.
  • Interactive Features are entirely your choice and include, inter alia:
    1. Click to email
    2. Click to call
    3. Click to find directions to your office with the GPS coordinates
    4. Click to access property portfolio
    5. Click to access Special offers
    6. Click to access showroom

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